Biker Chick Annie Oakley posters
Bubblegum pink is taking over my life. Hope you enjoy this blindingly colorful Annie Oakley. <3
Biker chick Annie Oakley WIP 🔫
spicewitch has asked: i love your work and really want to get a tank or something from your shop, but it seems you only stock up to large sizes. is there a chance you'll ever stock larger? even just an xl size here and there would be great. thanks!

hey hey, we actually do stock larger sizes. :D any design you click on you can change the shirt style. So for instance, if the default shirt is a Racerback, it does only go up to L. But you can change it to the regular cotton tank, or the athletic, and it’ll go up to XL. The unisex tees go up to 2XL, and they’re still pretty flattering on women. Though if you’re looking for the most fitted unisex shirt, I’d recommend the athletic tee. It’s much softer and thinner of a material so it drapes more naturally over a woman’s figure. I hope that all helped! Just let me know if you have any more questions. ( I think the only styles we have that only go up to a L are the racerbacks and the long-sleeve raglans, and that’s only because our supplier doesn’t make those sizes for those styles sadly )

Anonymous has asked: hi i love your aesthetic and all your work is really virtuosic and beautiful and really complements the strngth and truth of your "women are powerful and will win" message but i wish that in the future you would kindly reconsider illustrating and thereby amplifying messages that perpetuate the patriarchal myth of biological gender essentialism such as the demonstrably false and hurtful idea that all women have ovaries (and conversely, that no bros have ovaries). i hope you'll srsly consider this

thank you for messaging me this, anon. you make a good point, that I hadn’t really thought about. I would hate to exclude anybody with my artwork and its messages! the “ovaries before brovaries” in particular was a quote I thought was cute from Leslie Knope, who I think is an awesome role model and fantastically charming character. but I definitely see how it can impact some folks negatively, because you’re right, biology isn’t what makes one a woman. I will definitely be more mindful in the future!

grumblesmumbles has asked: Whiskey lover eh? What's your poison?

I wish I could say I was of discerning enough taste to enjoy something fancy like single-malt scotch, but I’m a Bulleit Bourbon gal myself. or if I just want to live fast and cheaply, I’ll suffer some Old Crow.


Sailor Moon shirts
So I saw a Wonder Woman shirt the other day that said “Girls Will Save the World” and I thought it was a really awesome and empowering feminist phrase, so I decided to do a Sailor Moon version. <3
I was surprised how fun it was to draw the Crisis brooch because I usually hate doing vector stuff. I wanna make mooooore now.

thank you so much for all the love everybody, and hello new followers! you all are amazing and I am so happy to share my work with you. eeee i’m going to combust from joy <3
periwinklescars has asked: Your art is absolute perfection. Mirai & Mikasa are my favorites, though. Do you happen to have any other badass female anime character pieces? You could make so many characters look absolutely amazing

aw thank you! as far as more art of the badass ladies of anime, what I’ve got on my blog is pretty much all I’ve made so far, but feel free to make a request and I’ll do my best to fulfill it. I’m always looking for new anime recommendations as well, just finished Madoka Magica and Kill La Kill and now I don’t know what to doooo ( ̄□ ̄)

aaaand now it’s #adventuretime #canyon
Doodling #punk girls


Scouts for Equality shirts
mini Neptune and Uranus, <3 favorite couple ever

weren’t they close cousins?

In the anime they were, yes. In the manga, they weren’t cousins and it was heavily implied that they were lovers.
Scouts for Equality shirts
mini Neptune and Uranus, <3 favorite couple ever
my heart is hurting that klk is over so I made this to soothe the pain.
Rainbow Horror Senshi shirts, canvas, prints
very much inspired by suehiro maruo, but with a fuck ton of bright colors because that is what gives me the power to live.
might do another version with a darker color palette, we’ll see.
working on some weird stuff today for radfortress. 
sorry kawaii fans, but I’ve got a love for horror that hasn’t been satiated in a long long time.